10 Crazy Gifts We Can Give To These Famous Indians

Here’s a list of 10 crazy New Year Gift ideas for some popular faces in India

1. Ticket to Mars for Rahul Gandhi

India didn’t know about “Escape Velocity” before Rahul gave his enlightening speech. So we can gift him a one way trip to Mars to measure the escape velocities of various planets.


2. Tortilla Chips for Arvind Kejriwal

The leader of the fastest growing startup in the country, Arvind Kejriwal surely deserves a packet of tortilla chips.


3. Happy Pills for Arnab Goswami

Arnab Goswami, a man who is always furious about anything and everything. The nation wants to know, “Arnab Goswami ko gusssa kyu ata hai?”. Arnab seriously needs to take a chill pill, here are some Happy Pills for you.


4. Custom made machine for Manmohan singh

We wish someone designed a machine that fits on Manmohan Singh’s head, capture his brain waves, translate them to text and finally text-to-speech. He so needs this one.


5. US Visa for Narendra Modi

Ab de bhi do yaar.


6. Ticket to next BIg Boss for Uday chopra

Uday Chopra has claimed that he’s going to retire from acting after relaunching himself in Dhoom 3. We think it is an apt time for him to enter the Bigg Boss house.


7. Task from Andaz Apna Apna for Raghu

To all the haters: Raghu is the Executive Producer of India’s longest running reality show. So does he earn our respect? Well, only if he can pull off a task from our favorite film Andaz Apna Apna.


8. Some Sense of Humor for Yash Raj Films

O’ Yashraj, why did you ban the Dhoom 3 spoof trailer? You definitely deserve a gift: ‘sense of humor’; only if money could buy it.


9. A cheap Yo Yo for Honey Singh

Mr. Yo Yo Honey Singh recently claimed that our mentality is cheap, NOT his songs. What more than a cheap YoYo for him.


10. Third Eye glass for Nirmal Baba

Nirmal Baba has a Third Eye. We are not arguing with that. We don’t want the third eye going naked under the summer sun. So here’s a ‘Third Eye Sunglass’ for him.


What’s your gift idea for Indian celebrities? Share it with us.

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